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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Missing Me. - A poem from Tracey Shorthouse

Today we bring to you a poem from Tracey Shorthouse called Missing Me.  You can follow Tracey`s story via @TraceyShorty28 and find out more over on her blog.
Thank you Tracey for letting us share you inspiring words.

Missing Me
Sometimes I miss me, the old me
The girl who liked to go dancing
Now the music seems too loud
I used to spin around with glee
But at least I still love laughing
But I don’t like to be part of the crowd
At times, the noise is too much for me to cope with
Like angry bees stuck in my head, buzzing constantly
I miss going out and about, being part of the crew
But at least I still believe in magic, spirit and myth
And I still believe in honestly
But sometimes I still get blue
I miss driving around, going to different places
And sometimes I do miss work, hard to believe
And I do miss my memory at times
But I still remember some faces
And it’s not like me to grieve and grieve
Although my tastes have changed, I still like my limes
I miss watching the dramas, but get lost easily
Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell fiction from reality
Then I get scared which was never like me
But at least I live peacefully
And will always be free
And I am lucky that I live between the countryside and sea
I loved how I could see the changes of the seasons when out and about
And how the skies change depending on the weather
That was the best thing about being a community nurse
At least, not working means that there is no one left to shout
But who cares as long as we are together
And I am determined that the dementia will not get worse
As friends and family, we have each other’s back
Although it is also nice to be that someone’s special
Someone to see beyond and just see me
It’s nice to be alone, but also nice to be part of a pack
But I also don’t want to meet a devil
And I don’t want to be seen to flee
I don’t like the fact that I get tired
Or that my speech gets slurred
Or that I have to walk with a stick sometimes
It seems mad that I am admired
By some, my vision sometimes gets blurred
But now I have retired I now write rhymes
But on the upside, I am still able to walk
I still garden and explore different areas
By using public transport
Sometimes I have to steed myself as want to balk
But I try not to take myself too serious
And occasionally I still allow myself a glass of port
So although I do miss the old me
I am getting used to this new person
I am still positive and full of beans
And can still make the odd stew
And I quite like this new version
Of me and my family genes

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Older People in Acute Care Improvement Programme Delirium Video Links


Older People in Acute Care Improvement Programme
Delirium Video Links

The Older People’s Acute Care team has created a series of 3 videos to complement existing work on delirium careThe videos could be used in a variety of ways to continue to raise awareness of the importance of listening to family membersand to further engage a range of partners. The videos highlight three individual stories told by women of their mothers experience of delirium. Links to these stories are below:

Delirium: a daughter's perspective

Lynne’s Story (1:49)

Adrienne’s Story (2:31)

Sandra’s Story (2:28)

In addition key messages from all three stories are reflected in separate brief video clips focused on First Signs, Causes, Experiencing Delirium and Help & Reassurance.

These shorter segments could be used for teaching sessions, to generate discussion as part of presentations and at conferences and exhibitions to match the needs of individual audiences. Links to these videos are below:

First Signs of Delirium

Causes of Delirium

Experiencing Delirium

Help and Reassurance

Thursday Speaking RCN Greater Glasgow Branch Development day Queen Elizabeth University Hospital


With great thanks to Greg Usrey, Health Improvement Lead (Mental Health)
Steward, Royal College of Nursing & Secretary, RCN Greater Glasgow Branch and all for the kind invite to speak at the Development day at Glasgow Queen Elizabeth University Hospital on February 22nd 

I am so very hounred to be invited and look forward to listening ,learning ,speaking and meeting everyone on the day 



09:00 – 09:30     Registration

09:30 – 09:40     Welcome & Session Introduction
                                    Garry Campbell (Chair, RCN Greater Glasgow Branch)

09:40 – 10:30     Dementia
                                    Geraldine Marsh (Associate Chief Nurse, NHS GG&C)

10:30 – 10:30    Giving a carer’s perspective to Care
                                    Tommy Whitelaw (Dementia Ambassador)

11:30 – 12:30     Delirium
                                    Geraldine Marsh (Associate Chief Nurse, NHS GG&C)

12:30 – 13:30     LUNCH (remember to bring something!)

13:30 – 15:15    Legal and Ethical Perspectives to Care
                                    Andrew Strachan (Legislation Nurse Advisor)

15:15 – 15:30     Informal Evaluation & feedback
                                    Garry Campbell (Chair, RCN Greater Glasgow Branch) 

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2 talks South Lanarkshire Carers Network and New Lanarkshire College March 1st


With great thanks to  Joyce Brownlie Carer Resource Information Officer  
for the kind invite to speak at South Lanarkshire Carers Network on the morning of March 1st 

The event is being held Blantyre Miners Welfare Community Resource Center, 3 Calder Street, Blantyre, G72 0AU from 10:30 to 12:30 

I am really looking forward to meeting everyone who is part of the network 

I will then be heading over to New Lanarkshire College to meet  speak with Health and social care students who attedn the college from 2pm - 4pm  with great thanks to Kate Mackay Health lecturer and twitter friend @KateMackay27 for the kind invite 

I am really look forward to meeting everyone and learning more about the work of the carers network and college on the day 


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Speaking Northern Ireland Practice and Education for Nursing and Midwifery Conference March 8th


With great thanks to Janet Hall and all at the  Northern Ireland Practice and Education for Nursing and Midwifery  for the Kind invite to speak at their annual conference ion March 8th 

I am so very honored to be invited and look forward to meeting everyone on the day.


The Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and Midwifery (NIPEC) was established by the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2002 under the Health and Personal social Services Act as an NDPB (Non Departmental Public Body) to support the development of nurses and midwives by promoting high standards of practice, education and professional development. NIPEC also provides advice and guidance on best practice and matters relating to nursing and midwifery.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Make a Difference campaign Key Dates 2017

·        09.01.17 Educational Seminar at Strathclyde University Talk with Graeme Morrison from the ALLIANCE.  To MPharm 3rd Year Pharmacy Students
·        10.01.17 Educational Seminar at Balhousie Care Group at Ambassador Event, Perth.
·        12.01.17 Educational Seminar at Huddersfield University.
·        16.01.17  Wmty17 Steering Group
·        17.01.17 2 Educational Seminars at Erskine Care Home.
·        18.01.17 4 Talks Keele University
·        20.01.17 Educational Seminar at Delirium Conference in Newcastle - Q&A with Nadine Schofield from Lets Respect. 
·        23.01.17 Launch of the Specialist Dementia Unit Learning and Development Network Event at Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh.
·        24.01.17 Educational Seminar at Scunthorpe Hospital.
·        26.01.17 Educational Seminar at University of Portsmouth.


·        01.02.17 Attending Focus on Dementia Advisory Group
·        02.02.17 Educational Seminar UCLAN
·        03.02.17 Attending the Scottish Health Council and The ALLIANCE Our Voice information event at Chest Heart Stroke Scotland
·        07.02017 Educational Seminar Scottish Ombudsman
·        10.02.17 Educational Seminar Trainee Nursing Associates, Exeter
·        15.02.17 Educational Seminar GHA Mosspark
·        20.02.17 Educational Seminar Colchester
·        22.02.17 Attending Cross Party Group on Carers
·        22.02.17 Attending Acute Care Network 
·        22.02.17 Educational Seminar GCU – Heart Specialists
·        23.02.17 Educational Seminar RCN, Glasgow
·        23.02.17 Educational Seminar Glasgow City College
·        24.02.17 Presentation to CNOD
·        24.02.17 Attending “What Matters To You” Planning Group Meeting
·        25.02.17 Attending Decision day North Ayrshire
      27.02.17 Attending Vale of Leven Implementation Group 
·        28.02.17 Educational Seminar Health Education Awards


·         01.03.17 Educational Seminar  South Lanarkshire Carers
·         01.03.17 Educational Seminar  New Lanarkshire College
·         06.03.17 Presentation Dementia Nurse Consultants
·         07.03.17 Educational Seminar  UWS Paisley Campus
·         08.03.17 Speaking NIPEC Conference Belfast (am)
·         08.03.17 Speaking Alzheimer’s Society NI Conference (pm)
·         09.03.17 Educational Seminar *2  Specialist dementia Unit Bridgeton
·         13.03.17 Educational Seminar  *2 hospice Stafford
·         14.03.17 Launch Pledge tree Park Springs care Home Motherwell
·         15.03.15 Educational Seminar Morningside Justice and Peace, Edinburgh
·         15.03.17 Fair for all programme board North Ayrshire
·         17.03.17 Educational Seminar  Glasgow City College (am)
·         17.03.17 Educational Seminar  Edinburgh Napier University (pm)
·         18.03.17 Educational seminar RCN Ayrshire & Arran Branch  
·         20.03.17 wmty17 Planning group
·         21.03.17 Focus on Dementia steering group (am)
·         21.03.17 Evidence Healthand Sports Committee SCOT Parl
·         22.03.17 Educational Seminar  RCN Bournemouth *3
·         22.03.17 Educational Seminar  RCN Bournemouth *3
·         27.03.17 Fair for all programme board North Ayrshire
·         29.03.17 Educational Seminars *4 Northumbria NHS
·         30.03.17 Educational Seminars *4 Northumbria NHS
·         31.03.17 Educational Seminars  Moray

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Friday, 10 February 2017

What matters to you? day is being held on 6 June 2017, Save the date #wmty17


‘What matters to you? day is being held on 6 June 2017, please save the date and plan now for how you might join in on the day.

The aim this year is not only to encourage and support more meaningful conversations, but also to focus on the action that needs to happen in response to these conversations to deliver the care and support people really need and want.

Dementia Carer Voices, Tommy Whitelaw, represents @ALLIANCEScot on the “What matters to you” steering group and has been working with carers and people with long term conditions to find out what matters to them.  Take a look at our “What matters to you” case studies and podcasts.

image1We know from experience and evidence that the effect of focusing on what really matters to people can lead to improvements in the quality and effectiveness of what we do.  Having a better understanding of what is important to people also helps develop relationships that provide the support and help people need to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Last year,  ‘What matters to you?’ day had more than 520 health and social care teams across Scotland making a special effort to have more person-centred conversations with the people they work with. In addition to this, more than 100 teams from 13 countries joined our Scottish initiative. You can read more about it in our ‘What matters to you?’ day 2016 report at:

‘What matters to you?’ day is being supported by the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, the Minister for Public Health and Sport and the Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing. They will be getting involved on the day as well as sharing messages of encouragement and good practice in the run-up to 6 June.

The Scottish Government and Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s person-centred health and care team will also be supporting health and social care organisations practically to participate in the day by providing advice and resources through the website at

To ask questions or find out more, please contact the person-centred health and care team at